Welcome to the Mask Museum

Originally posted on Global Poemic:
by G.L. Morrison Along this hallway you will seea disparate collection, function and historyof masks, masking, maskery.The sacred beside the profane. Second faces of warriors and shamans.Kachina dancers. Venetian Masquerade.A snorkel. A fireman’s SCBA. A Halloweenninja turtle, a bird goddess, the plague doctor, Jesse James’ bandana,the mardi gras party-goer (revelling in Fat Tuesday’s…

prompted: Jester Haiku

4/1 (from nahaiwrimo) JESTER The Naihaiwrimo facebook group is particularly inspiring. If you are looking for poetry prompts, look no further. Even if you choose to forego the haiku-itry. I was enjoying the inventor of Nahaiwrimo.com, Michael Dylan Welch,  as a featured reader of one of my favorite open mic series Ghost Town Poetry and … More prompted: Jester Haiku

prompted: celebrate

This prompt was my first of the poetry season and the project of writing poems every day based on prompts from various poetry groups. I joined these groups (some with closed membership like Dirty Thirty and Poem A Day; some with open like Nahaiwrimo) with the intent of reintroducing myself to poetry community and the … More prompted: celebrate

How poetry prompts are born and links to new “Prompted” poems

Prompted: the explanation 4/1(from dirty thirty) “won’t you celebrate with me” by Lucille Clifton 4/1 (from nahaiwrimo) JESTER 4/1 (from Poem a Day via Oregon Writers Colony) floating 4/1 (from Poem a Day via Two Sylvias Press) Spell Check Not Allowed! 4/2 (from dirty thirty) “Instructions on Not Giving Up” by Ada Limón 4/2 (from … More How poetry prompts are born and links to new “Prompted” poems

The Recipe For Sleep

The recipe for sleep shouldn’t be this complicated. I know the ingredients. First a huge bowl of don’ts. Don’t watch or read or listen to anything too exciting; nothing that has “just one more episode”, “one more season” or a mystery that must be solved. Don’t talk about the dark past (you know the stuff … More The Recipe For Sleep

Ann & G.L. : Inter/viewed and viewing

Poets interviewing poets. It’s just the sort of wild rumpus you would expect the editors of Headmistress Press (that brought you Lesbian Trading Cards and the reading series “The Collectibles”) to instigate. I was delighted to be instigated and interviewed by/with Ann Tweedy. This snippet below is stolen from Ann’s website. (The audio recording of … More Ann & G.L. : Inter/viewed and viewing