Strike back at corporate personhood by… shopping?

Shop local. Or shop etsy or a small craft or business who create products that you want to see more of in the world. I recommend activist art. Check your local recycle art suppliers. See if a bicycle co-op or community gardens or art school is offering classes. These are not only great gifts but a great way to get your nieces and nephews and relatives of un-self-declared gender to build skills and alliances in the community.


Last One In Ornament

Price: $29.00  $20.30
Save: 30% off

‘Last One In’ is truly a piece of body positive art. An image of 3 women who move with joy & connection, and are comfortable in their skin! The artist, Barbara Lavallee, is based in the Pacific Northwest. The images are painted on the inside of the ornament. This piece can be hung on your tree, or left out all year round. Gift box included.

Stand not included.

ARTIST: Barbara Lavallee
3.5″ round

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