Black Friday casualties?

One of my lovers was in tears this morning because she loves watching the local Macy’s parade on TV and for some reason, this year Portland’s was not going to be televised. Instead the local channels ran a 2 hours block of “paid programming”  with no explanation. I searched the local webs including Macy Portland’s blog which promised but didn’t deliver pix/video. Fear of Occupy Portland maybe? Fear of violence against protesters caught on live TV? More likely.

Ahh well… if you weren’t shopping local, shaming Walmart shoppers or de-occupying the fridge of yesterday’s turkey, maybe you were participating in NO SHOPPING in solidarity with Chinese workers striking for a living wage.

@agoodcuppa So, why is it legal to camp out for a discount flat screen tv but not for economic justice? #ows #blackfriday

Many tweeters and bloggers noted this irony. If you’ve limited your OWS support to retweets and Facebook shares because of fear of the escalating police violence/backlash against the Occupy movement, you should know shopping is no low-risk sport.

Black Friday Mayhem

Police use pepper spray to quell unruly crowd at N. Carolina Wal-Mart. An off duty police officer was arrested by his brother in blue for advising against the use of pepper spray in the presence of elderly shoppers and young children. An onlooker said the target of the spray was not “starting a fight” but had been pushed by the crowd and fallen into a display.

Terrifying Black Friday Footage Of $2 Waffle Maker Riot
In case you were inclined to think that police, protesters and other shoppers were the only land mines you had to tiptoe across. Think again. Thursday afternoon (Thanksgiving) an actual bomb was found at Arizona Walmart. Short link for retweeters:
The “incendiary device” was found in a fridge in the break room. Dude, that’s a lot of work to go to to get Thanksgiving off. I went to high school in Arizona and I recall some bomb threats called into the school on days that students wanted an unscheduled holiday. (No, it wasn’t me. Although I was responsible for one evacuation due to a smoke bomb in a locker in what we playfully dubbed “the band wars”.)
Other news includes: a shopper shot in the parking lot for refusing to give up his purchases to robbers, shoppers pepper-sprayed by an elderly shopper who thought crowds were too pushy, grandfather trying to save grandson from be trampled gets body-slammed by police who think he might be shoplifting,”zombie” arrested for wearing face paint at Pennsylvania mall, police stun-gun Connecticut Walmart customer.

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