Short story round two

I’m checking out story contests as a way to jumpstart the writing. has contests coming out the wazoo. I want the comradery of story swapping without having to tell whiny publishers that the story has appeared elsewhere. So I can’t promise how long the story(s) will stay up.

This one was harder than it looked and the length restrictions 1500 words or less really bit me in the ass. I had to include a trial and a CEO, written in the genre Horror. First draft was better moralizing about the evils of corporations and not genuinely scary. Beta reader suggested it was more likely CEO was cracking up than having a supernatural encounter. Reread some Lovecraft shorts to get in the zone. Rewrite is less commie rant against corps and more get your creep on but still basically unsatisfying in some ways. I think it might make a nice short script. Be perfect for one of those tales from the crypt style shows… are there any still in production? I also considered making it based on real tragedies like the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the fixed trial that exonerated all the greedy businessmen who profited by locking in seamstresses who either burned or jumped to their deaths. That’s another story for another day when I’m not burdened with a 3 day deadline and a word restriction. As of this posting there is no word yet if the story is juicy enough for me to go on to the next round.

link to story here

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