It’s 4am -do you know where your sanity is?

I should be sleeping not blogging. And you! Don’t tell me what time it is where you are. I have a watch. Well. I don’t really but my phone does and my computer does –and hey! stop changing the subject! How many hours have you slept? I could regale you with dozens of links on the value of sleep, health bennies and how psychosis creeps up on you if you don’t get enough but that would just keep you awake net-surfing. I’m taking my advice and going to grab myself a good 3 or 4 hours sleep. (Not enough? Okay six. I can stay off the computer for six hours -as long as nothing exciting happens and the dog doesn’t need out and it doesn’t get too hot and… yawn.) Oh yes, I’m having a party. Let’s see whether The Sandman or Psychosis get here first.



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