Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

Today I received and wanted to share the most beautiful letter (and news) from editor and publishing phenoms, Julie R. Enszer and Merry Gangemi, both striking poets in their own rites:

Merry and I were pleased to nominate your work from Sinister Wisdom this year for a Pushcart Prize. Our nomination is in the mail. It was a pleasure to select pieces for the Pushcart Prize this year–the first year that Merry and I have made nominations. We are thrilled with the quality of your work and pleased to have it represent Sinister Wisdom in the nomination pool.
Thank you so much for supporting Sinister Wisdom with your work and best wishes for the holiday season.

Sinister Wisdom is pleased to nominate six pieces from the two issues of Sinister Wisdom published prior to December 1, 2012 for the 2012 Pushcart Prize.

The six nominated pieces are:

From Sinister Wisdom 86
“What It Means To Believe/With a Full Mouth” Camonghne Felix
“Hair” Sarah Brooks
“Learning” Amanda Laughtland
“My Tribe” Kyle Anne Bates

From Sinister Wisdom 85
“Joy Suit” Maureen Brady
“Gertrude Stein Has a Cow” G.L. Morrison

Congratulations to all of our nominees!

Sinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary & arts journal that publishes three times a year. Sinister Wisdom was founded in 1976 and has been publishing continuously since then.

For more information about the Pushcart Prizes:

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