I am referring, of course, to the new Kerouac movie, On The Road,  and not suggesting we grab our backpacks and hit the pavement seeking the company of strangers and other general randomness. My backpack-toting, pavement-hitting days are behind me. I still enjoy the company of strangers. So if you’d like to live vicariously through the magic of cinema, join us.


Thursday April 11, 2013 @ 6pm

Kiggin’s Theatre, 1011 Main St Vancouver, WA 98660

*(360) 816-0352*


I will be reading from Jack Kerouac’s poetry and letters before the 6pm showing of On The Road at The Kiggin’s Theatre, 1011 Main St Vancouver, WA 98660 *(360) 816-0352* It would be terrific to see any or all of you there. Here is a preview of my Jack tribute poem. On The Road is showing at The Kiggins from April 5-11 with brief Kerouac stylings by local poets before most showings.


When I was asked what Kerouac meant to me (and to supply a brief bio) I wrote this. To fully enjoy its beatness (with audience participation) join us on Thursday. Or check back here. (If I can manage to record it, I’ll post.) Thanks to Vancouver’s poet laureate Christopher Luna for making this possible.


(For Jack) In Every Hitchiker is a Poet


rainy jazz

drip drop out

blowing neil like a trumpet

bi-ended candle burning bri

-ghtly out


the fireIN BEATis beat


not beaten

out and the heat keeps us

out in the rain walking

thumbs out


heat in

this bottle (JACK)

heat in

this word (JACK)


Bio: G.L. Morrison is Red and read; pushcart, girlburn, fat-abulous. If cut, she bleeds working class poetry. Much published, not as much as she’d like. Current editor of the chapbooks series, Simple Solidarity, a fundraiser for the free street clinic Occupy Medical.


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