Read Jack Kerouac’s Letter to Marlon Brando Asking Him to Star in ‘On The Road’

Thursday April 11, 2013, I will be reading from Jack Kerouac’s poetry and letters before the 6pm showing of On The Road at the Kiggin’s Theatre, 1011 Main St Vancouver, WA 98660 *(360) 816-0352* It would be terrific to see any or all of you there. Here is a preview of my Jack tribute poem. On The Road is showing at the Kiggins from April 5-11 with brief Kerouac stylings by local poets before most showings.


In 1957, Jack Kerouac wrote to Marlon Brando, imploring him to buy his novel On the Road and make a movie out of it. Kerouac saw Brando in the role of Dean and himself (of course, who else?) as Sal, chatting behind the windshield as they drove across the country together. Kerouac assured Brando that he already knew how to make the novel’s chaotic structure work for film, and proclaimed that he sought to “re-do” American cinema, which he called “an outmoded dinosaur that ain’t mutated along with the best in American Literature.” Sadly, since we’d love to have a film version of On the Road starring Marlon Brando and Jack Kerouac to drool over, Brando turned the project down, and it is only now, some 55 years later, that a film is being released, with Garrett Hedlund starring as Dean and Sam Riley as Sal. Whether they’ll be as good…

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