written today: stop


Stop in the middle
of what you were saying.
In the middle of what you were
doing, of what you were about to
do –just stop. Say, do, nothing.

For once let everyone everywhere stop.
Let there be just silence and intention.
Stop birds, band-leaders, lovers
and politicians. Undam the rivers
and let everyone be quiet enough
to hear what the deluge has to say.

Allow yourself to be quiet,
not misunderstood, for this is
an unmistakeable silence
a legendary pause.

Drop whatever you are holding,
whatever flag or grudge you hold dearest.
Unclench your fists. You will need
both hands empty to lift the silence.

Stop your watch, phone, clocks, war,
ads and promising. Stop waiting.
Stop time. Stop being afraid of death.

Stop mirrors. You don’t need them.
You can’t recognize yourself.
You only know you
for where you have to be next
and how late you may arrive.
Who knows how often
you’ve already passed yourself
in the street unrecognized?

Stop lying. Stop for one second.
Don’t move your arms so much.
Let’s meet in the sudden strangeness
of doing, saying, expecting nothing.

Put down your guns, maps, spreadsheets,
ghosts and indifference. Forget yourself.
You never knew her. In that second
of silence, with the whole world
stopped and empty, try and remember
–before it all starts again
before the noise of sheep, soldiers, police
sirens, athletes, mothers, trends and traditions
rip the green air –
if anything you dropped was worth
the weight of picking it up again.

G.L. Morrison, 2013

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