two poems for my infant grandson

My muses: Erowynn and Tabian
My muses: Erowynn and Tabian

I wrote and performed the following poems March 13th, 2014 at the Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic @ Cover to Cover Books , Vancouver WA. I’ve had the pleasure of being a featured reader at past events and am included in the first athology of Ghost Town Poems. Special thanks to Vancouver Poet Laureate, Christopher Luna (and the hard-working poets like him) for keeping reading series like this alive.

my grandson eats poems

For Tabian

Tonight my grandson eats poems
(they crowd the air here
filling the pockets of listening poets
and settle unseen in the milk bottle)
to be burped back years from now.

His mother brought him here tonight
(one month old, this already
his second poetry reading)
because she wants him to eat poetry
the way his father did
cutting teeth on verses
round and strange as cheerios.


Krishna’s son

Krishna’s son
rolled into the world
black where his father was blue.
Warming in a day to the purple
of wine and poetry.
The first week striped his majesty
in receding regal hues.
One month old,
his divinity is no longer visible
to the unenlightened.

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