This page doesn’t exist

I say “this page doesn’t exist” and yet here you are.

I could wax philosophic on the contradictions (as I know I will and I know you will now too) but I should be writing something less navel-gazing. In fact, I should be writing, or already have written, the thing you came here to see.

You followed a link to discover … not this exactly.


This page is a placeholder for the thing that I meant to write (or am currently writing) and which I placed a link to inside another article.


So please come back. Not to this page exactly. If you go back to the original article in a day or so, this link should be replaced with a link to the finished bit. And it will take you not here (hopefully) but there. If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to say “DAMN IT, WOMAN. WRITE FASTER.” I get distracted and it’s a good way to remind me that a project isn’t finished or a link isn’t updated.

Thanks for clicking. Sorry again that this page doesn’t exist.

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