Indiegogo for gogoing to Poetry conference next week

Books and the chair that gets 'em (and me) anywhere.
Books and the chair that gets ’em (and me) anywhere.

I’ve been publishing over 30 years in anthologies (Ghost Town Poetry), magazines (Sinister Wisdom, The Advocate) and a staggering number of zines, newsletters, newspapers and blogs. I’ve been delighted to be involved in so many indie projects, reading series, small presses and writing conferences. Sadly the reality is that many of them cannot afford to pay writers or presenters or staff. Such is the case of NW Poets Concord –a wonderful small annual poetry conference in Newport, Oregon– where I will be presenting a workshop entitled “Dissecting the Sacred: making new poems from old”. I’ll also be part of their New Books reading series and reading from mine: “Chiaroscuro Kisses” (Headmistress Press).

I’m going to tell you two things you already knew:

  • Being poor is costly.
  • Being disabled complicates everything.

Gone for me are the days of hitchhiking and sofa surfing. Traveling (with a power wheelchair and a PCA) is exhausting, expensive and requires extensive planning.

Here’s how you can help.  Donate if you can. Pass this on (sensibly please -no crazy spamming) to friends or groups you belong to.

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