50 by 50: life=art=revolution

50 x 50 is the brainchild and project(s) of activist and poet G.L. Morrison.

With my 50th birthday approaching (and my unpredictable/inconvenient health), I wondered what my legacy would be. So many ideas to support and improve the world, myself, other artists, writers and activists. Continually people have told me “You think too big. Scale back. Try something smaller. Something doable.”

To which I say “No thank you.”

50 by 50 is my resolution to myself and the world that we must dream bigger. Everything is doable is we just DO it. One dream does not need languish to give life to another. Be intersectional dreamers.

Everything is possible when we do it together. Let your networks, your talents, your passions expand to fill all the space it enters. The world and our time in it is too small to do less. We owe it to ourselves and each other to be more. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to fall. Leap! Inspire! Be inspired!

50 x 50 is my leaping. It is 50 projects and ideas that I hope to bring to life or breathe new life into before my 50th birthday ie Sunday, August 14th 2016. On that day there will be a grand accounting of what worked, what didn’t and where the various projects (and I) go from there.

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