OMG I missed you!

As irregularly as I update my blog here, you might not have realized I was gone… but the past few months my domain disappeared in a miasma of my-faults and not-my-faults.

It sometimes happens that I can’t afford to renew my domain and don’t feel up to crowdfunding, begging or even admitting there’s a problem. And if I delay too long, my name get snatched up and valued or resold at prices I can’t possibly believe. Yes, I am good at naming things and I’m learning more that domains like wine get more valuable with age.

But not every wine and not every website improves. SO KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MINE. Seriously, some people.

Although maybe I should sell some and use the money to pay for my other gazillion ones.,,,  (to name just a few) are gone forever. In some cases like the last two, they found good and loving homes and I wish the projects luck. In the case of the former, my body positive blog domains are nothing but a parking place for hate and diet ads. Grrrrr…

More likely I need to craft a single identity that works with subdomains. Save money and sanity. Single identity? Moi?

2 thoughts on “OMG I missed you!

  1. You’ve been on my mind lately. I’m hoping you can come to TaborSpace on Feb 11th for the Literary Lesbian Love event. Seven lesbian authors including me. TaborSpace is accessible (kind of a hassle kind of accessible, but a possibility). I would love to see you.

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