What’s wrong with this landing page?

What isn’t? This has been long overdue for change needed to Patreon which I have been underusing/abusing, and wanting to teach a class/lead a group in how to collectively use it to support our work, art and activism (as well as some exciting things are happening in universal income equality) but because I’ve been so underutilizing it (ie #Fail) I thought it would be too brazen to teach what I don’t do… wait, isn’t there a saying about that?

Hmmm. Put up or shut up, I think it was.


Words of the day (every day): Poetry, Community, Solidarity, Diversity, Artistry, Intentionality, Reciprocity, #Resistance, Sanctuary

Where is G.L. Morrison?
twitter: @glmorrison
facebook: G.L. Morrison

What  is G.L. Morrison?

Fat, Dyke, Commie, Poet, Artist, Activist, etc… mostly etc

Who is G.L. Morrison?

Bios get me philosophical, introspective, esoteric and sarcastic. In no particular order. Writing bios is the worst! So here’s a bunch of them I already struggled to spit out. Links are included because I’d like to encourage you to join me wherever you can or choose. I want more than your money.

If you already know who I am feel free to skip ahead. And if you know who I am in a philosophical, introspective, esoteric or sarcastic sense, tell me.

My Lesbian Poet Trading Card (from Headmistress Press):

Bio at fiverr.com : G.L. Morrison is an award-winning writer/poet with multiple Pushcart Prize nominations and an IQ of 165. Internationally known activist, intersectional feminist, writing instructor. 30+ years publishing experience in humor, politics, erotica, poetry, short stories, reviews and children’s lit.

About Me at GLMorrison.com: poet, writer, teacher

About Me at about.meinsert bio of the day here… G.L. Morrison loves to write about herself in the third person.#writer # queer # poly #fat-activist

Bio at Goodreads: (at the moment this says only “photo by Tee A. Corinne”)

Bio at Amazon: Poet/writer (and woman of slashes, parentheses, ellipses and other mysteries) G.L. Morrison nests in Portland, Oregon. Over the last thirty years, she’s feathered that nest with the contributor copies of hundreds of magazines, a dozen anthologies and a fistful of writing awards. She loves words and can be found courting them indiscriminately. (Including nonfiction. Her politics write to the left.) She writes short stories in various genres: erotica, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal romance. She writes impossible children’s stories for possible children. And improbable adults. Her poetry seldom rhymes.

Bio at Submittable: G.L. Morrison is an oracle of knives and wings; an acolyte of reckless gods; channeled by a disabled poet in the Northwest.

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