This is what I did today

Unable to attend any protest (because of what happened yesterday), I stayed in and made flyers for them instead. Fliers? Flyers? (I can’t finish this paragraph before I go check grammar girl.) My money is on the y –just ‘cuz it looks right.

One moment. Uh huh. Uh huh. Huh?


I was right. Sort of. If you thought that the correct spelling depended on which side of “the pond” you were speaking, sorry. The one is a British spelling, one an American turned out to be much published but apocryphal. Flyer is for handbill. But both spellings have been used since 1800. But I’m sticking with the y. Just because. Everything is better with a y in it. (Or it would be everthing.)


Where was I? Oh yes, the serious stuff of today. Um, I think it might be too serious to follow this stream-of-consciousness fluff. So here’s a link (and another) where it can be viewed in its appropriate gravity and not bouncing along the glitter screen with my brainbow butterflies/butterflys.


This spot is reserved for a picture I am going to draw of brainbows and brainbow colored butterflies. (You too can draw some and share.)

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