Snow Daze: icepocalypse 2021

Sadly, the current climate crisis makes dating this current storm series essential because while PGE (Portland General Electric) is calling this a historic event, the rest of us should consider it a practice run. Yes, it can get this bad. Yes, it will get this bad. Make the list of all the things you wished you had been insightful enough to buy (generator, camp stove, windup radio/flashlight, you-name-it) so that next time…

We will survive this (you and I and probably everyone reading this) and so are trying already to find the educational experience in it. Some will not. We will have to sift through the pain and chaos of the deaths and injuries accidental, incidental and those which are neither. Those which we might call institutional homocides– those whose lives have no margin of error for a cruel twist of weather or circumstance; in particular the homeless and marginalized. Our reckoning as individuals and communities to do better, to not look away, to find ways to include and value and protect each other must be on the list of what we can and must do better “next time” and wherever possible, this time. Right now.

I applaud and support everyone who is working in or at mutual aid. It is essential. Now and in the future.

Why then is it often more difficult to ask for help than offer it? Because that is what I am trying to do. I want to report to friends and comrades, the circumstances as they are unfolding in my life (and those around me) and outline how others can help.

I left home thinking I’d be back soon

thinking I’d enough on a credit card

to be away for a day or two…

that small buffer snapped like a tree branch

one branch in a falling forest

Disaster Timeline slideshow

Help if you can. Any amount of support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

G.L. Morrison & Family Donate

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