The cliffhanger season two

Forgive the crisis blogger. The unfair weather friend. I check in with my whine and cheese and never return to say “Safe and thanks.” Like the drama you have been watching that ends on a cliffhanger and the show is cancelled… no season two. No questions answered. No satisfying reunions. No resolution.

I am not (as I must constantly remind myself) living on the cliff edge, but like so many of us in late stage capitalism with no safety net and the landscape physically and politically burning around us… the dramatic possibilities are not just myriad, they are inevitable.

But if I am going to ask you to walk the cliff edge with me, I owe you a scene two.

I am home. I am safe.

No cliff-hanged story is completely told. The adventures of the hotel whose corporate policy seems to be lies and obfuscation -and possible credit card fraud… and the too exhausted protagonist who may choose to limp away paying *hundreds* of dollars she doesn’t have in bank fees and overcharges rather than battle bank and hotel dragons… who fantasizes the revenge of class action lawsuits and brilliantly penned corporate-shaming articles that save the heroine and indeed society from the limitless greed and indifference. But has not the energy for one more fruitless phone call.

…in fact, not the energy to even finish the list of unfinished stories.

Tomorrow let’s talk about what’s good. We both have the energy for that.

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