prompted: Jester Haiku

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  • 4/1 (from nahaiwrimo) JESTER
  • The Naihaiwrimo facebook group is particularly inspiring. If you are looking for poetry prompts, look no further. Even if you choose to forego the haiku-itry. I was enjoying the inventor of, Michael Dylan Welch,  as a featured reader of one of my favorite open mic series Ghost Town Poetry and ta-da I was transformed into a haiku poet. To be fair it was more a renewal than an invention. I’ve written some lovely haiku in years past and in 1996 was just inches (syllables?) from being National Haiku Slam Champion. Will the lovely previous winner –who admiringly told me he wouldn’t have minded losing to me but losing to the guy I threw the competition to (nerves and other technicalities) was a travesty– please make contact?

    Patrons, this is where the prompt lead me.

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