The prompt- the poem that questions, the poem that answers

The prompt- the poem that questions, the poem that answers

 (ie create 3-5 pages for dirty 30, poem a day, nahaiwrimo -oregon writer’s colony, two sylvias press; red writers group,

template for web page prompt project

todos (ie create 3-5 pages for dirty 30, poem a day, nahaiwrimo -oregon writer’s colony, two sylvias press; red writers group, what’s that about pages: how to publish, using submittable, what to expect when) 

Here is the prompt as it was given to me

from *insert name of group* and link to the page that describes group

Saturday 4/3 (date)

“Ode to Sitting in a Booth” by Aimee Nezhukumatathil (title with link to where to read the poem)

Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s poetry delights in the many muses of the animal world. Indulge in some casual research about a favorite wild creature; imagine what possibilities its habitat might hold out to the human imagination. Let wonder lead you through this poem.

Bonus: If you’re feeling stuck, try emulating this seven couplet structure, and consider how the conventions of a sonnet might help to contain your wonder.

Photo by David Frazer on

If you choose to indulge in the prompt or simply revel in the photo of an otter in a cave, I’m with you.

I chose to indulge in the concepts of home and survival and late-stage capitalism by personifying animals and animalizing persons. I’m very pleased with how this poem came out (it’s one of two that I wrote while waiting for my son to give me a ride home from the sleep clinic at 6 am). So gratitude for the poetry prompt (and the groups that spawn them), and to the amazing sleep technician David who found me paper and pen (which in a pre-covid world might have seemed insignificant but under current constraints was not) and to my son, for dragging his sleepy ass to get me from whatever corner of the world I may have wandered off to.

(critical review of poem in a separate page : I don’t like it like that) (or the prompt)

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Poem submitted to _______

Poem published at _______

(if the above blanks are blank, then I haven’t been doing my job at 1-submitting the beauty in question or 2-updating you on the progress)

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