Welcome to the Mask Museum

Originally posted on Global Poemic:
by G.L. Morrison Along this hallway you will seea disparate collection, function and historyof masks, masking, maskery.The sacred beside the profane. Second faces of warriors and shamans.Kachina dancers. Venetian Masquerade.A snorkel. A fireman’s SCBA. A Halloweenninja turtle, a bird goddess, the plague doctor, Jesse James’ bandana,the mardi gras party-goer (revelling in Fat Tuesday’s…

prompted: Jester Haiku

4/1 (from nahaiwrimo) JESTER The Naihaiwrimo facebook group is particularly inspiring. If you are looking for poetry prompts, look no further. Even if you choose to forego the haiku-itry. I was enjoying the inventor of Nahaiwrimo.com, Michael Dylan Welch,  as a featured reader of one of my favorite open mic series Ghost Town Poetry and … More prompted: Jester Haiku

prompted: celebrate

This prompt was my first of the poetry season and the project of writing poems every day based on prompts from various poetry groups. I joined these groups (some with closed membership like Dirty Thirty and Poem A Day; some with open like Nahaiwrimo) with the intent of reintroducing myself to poetry community and the … More prompted: celebrate

How poetry prompts are born and links to new “Prompted” poems

Prompted: the explanation 4/1(from dirty thirty) “won’t you celebrate with me” by Lucille Clifton 4/1 (from nahaiwrimo) JESTER 4/1 (from Poem a Day via Oregon Writers Colony) floating 4/1 (from Poem a Day via Two Sylvias Press) Spell Check Not Allowed! 4/2 (from dirty thirty) “Instructions on Not Giving Up” by Ada Limón 4/2 (from … More How poetry prompts are born and links to new “Prompted” poems

The Recipe For Sleep

The recipe for sleep shouldn’t be this complicated. I know the ingredients. First a huge bowl of don’ts. Don’t watch or read or listen to anything too exciting; nothing that has “just one more episode”, “one more season” or a mystery that must be solved. Don’t talk about the dark past (you know the stuff … More The Recipe For Sleep