OMG I missed you!

As irregularly as I update my blog here, you might not have realized I was gone… but the past few months my domain disappeared in a miasma of my-faults and not-my-faults. It sometimes happens that I can’t afford to renew my domain and don’t feel up to crowdfunding, begging or even admitting there’s a problem. … More OMG I missed you!

The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: G.L. Morrison’s “Chiaroscuro Kisses”

Very pleased to be featured at Sundress. The Sundress Blog Do Houses Dream Do houses dream? Do the cupboards dream of chasing broken dishes and lost teacups and twitch like sleeping dogs? Do they dream the cereal boxes full again? Is that sometimes sound, the slow night-creaking of walls, the house muttering in its sleep? … More The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: G.L. Morrison’s “Chiaroscuro Kisses”

Why Talking about Diversity Doesn’t Mean Much: Notes from the Armchair #10

Originally posted on Red Sofa Literary:
By Laura Zats ? I don’t know if you know this, but I’m super into representing, reading, and advocating for diverse books. It may be the blatant request in my representative categories, my tweets on #MSWL, or the content of the blogs or classes I teach, but it’s pretty…

#FavPo: If China

I was presented with the following twitter challenge. A literary magazine invited me by name to submit. I don’t know whether to be flattered or bemused by their recruitment strategy. (Was my name pulled by random from a hat of poets?) But it effectively drew my attention. Rattle Magazine @RattleMag Publishing #poetry you can actually … More #FavPo: If China

Maya Angelou, rest in peace and STILL RISE forever

“When I try to describe myself to God I say, ‘Lord, remember me? Black? Female? Six-foot tall? The writer?’ And I almost always get God’s attention.” –Maya Angelou I woke up this morning to the news that Maya Angelou was dead. As ever when someone dies, I am torn between hungers: what to write? To … More Maya Angelou, rest in peace and STILL RISE forever