Ann & G.L. : Inter/viewed and viewing

Poets interviewing poets. It’s just the sort of wild rumpus you would expect the editors of Headmistress Press (that brought you Lesbian Trading Cards and the reading series “The Collectibles”) to instigate. I was delighted to be instigated and interviewed by/with Ann Tweedy. This snippet below is stolen from Ann’s website. (The audio recording of … More Ann & G.L. : Inter/viewed and viewing

written today: stop

Stop Stop in the middle of what you were saying. In the middle of what you were doing, of what you were about to do –just stop. Say, do, nothing. For once let everyone everywhere stop. Let there be just silence and intention. Stop birds, band-leaders, lovers and politicians. Undam the rivers and let everyone … More written today: stop


I am referring, of course, to the new Kerouac movie, On The Road,  and not suggesting we grab our backpacks and hit the pavement seeking the company of strangers and other general randomness. My backpack-toting, pavement-hitting days are behind me. I still enjoy the company of strangers. So if you’d like to live vicariously through … More Join me ON THE ROAD