Ann & G.L. : Inter/viewed and viewing

Poets interviewing poets. It’s just the sort of wild rumpus you would expect the editors of Headmistress Press (that brought you Lesbian Trading Cards and the reading series “The Collectibles”) to instigate. I was delighted to be instigated and interviewed by/with Ann Tweedy. This snippet below is stolen from Ann’s website. (The audio recording of … More Ann & G.L. : Inter/viewed and viewing

Poems of Healing

In light of recent events, this page will be static and will connect to poetry, online altars, useful and/or healing connections or dialogues. Recent events: The tragic shootings at the Mall in Clackamas, Oregon (2 shoppers dead and some injured) and at Sandy Hook Elementary School (20 students and 6 faculty). Not included in those … More Poems of Healing